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Test Set for Standard Fluoroscopy and Fluorography Systems

Six laminar test objects in a protective carrying case for image quality assessment of fluoroscopy and fluorography x-ray equipment according IPEM 91 regulations.

Technical specifications

  • VS4 object to check peak white and black level in conjunction with an oscilloscope
  • SW4 object for checking greyscale linearity (nominal 10% contrast steps), peak white and black level (2 detail objects) for adjustment of monitor brightness/contrast. Plus circular geometry test (for television scan linearity)
  • FSG4 object for checking field size and geometry (10mm field size spacings, 20mm geometry spacings)
  • Type 18 Line Pair Pattern (Resolution limit 0.5 to 5.0 lp/mm) to adjust electronic/optical focusing
  • SSM4 object for checking focal homogeneity over the image field (Spatial frequency 0.86 cycles mm-1)
  • LCD4 object for checking low-contrast sensitivity (19 details, 11 mm in diameter, with a contrast range 14.8% to 0.42%) to quantify noise plus contrast loss
  • TCD4 for threshold-contrast detail-detectability (108 details in 12 sizes, 9 contrasts) to plot the Contrast Detail Index for overall image quality
  • Video cable with three connectors
  • Additional Copper Filters (2x 0.5 mm, 1x 1.0 mm Cu) for beam calibration
  • Peak White and Black Level
  • Greyscale Linearity
  • Monitor Brightness/Contrast
  • Circular Geometry
  • Field Size and Geometry
  • High-Contrast Resolution
  • Focal Homogeneity
  • Low-Contrast Sensitivity
  • Threshold-Contrast Detail-Detectability
  • Beam Calibration