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QUART Biopsy Phantom

Stereotactic Mammography Test Phantom

The QUART Biopsy Phantom is designed for QA/QC at stereotactic biopsy systems in digital and analog mammography.

Its design is optimised for all common image formats and fields-of-view (FoV) from 4 x 4 cm. The phantom‘s integrated test objects enable comprehensive QA/QC testing.

The Biopsy Phantom allows checks on actual low-contrast properties. Low-contrast resolution can be verified to the perceptibility limit, thus providing a solid base for precise equipment calibration.One exposure is sufficient to acquire all test parameters. The phantom is required to test equipment used in National mammography screening programmes.

Technical specifications

  • SPATIAL RESOLUTION: 6 Landolt objects in 1 group
  • DYNAMIC STEP: 4 steps
  • CONTRAST DETAIL: 4 object details in the step
  • VISIBILITY THRESHOLD: Low-contrast wedge w/ pre-defined constant
  • HOMOGENEITY: 2 fields for pixel value measurement
  • GEOMETRIC ACCURACY: Horizontal ruler; 10 mm division
  • SIZE: 80 x 70 x 46 mm (L x W x T)
  • Visual Spatial Resolution
  • Low-Contrast
  • Minimum Contrast (Perceptibility Limit)
  • Lateral Homogeneity
  • X-Ray Field Collimation
  • Artefacts / Image Flaws